Center "ANALYST" project structure for 2008 year (project types and prices)

The Center "ANALYST" is an independent organization which specializes on market and sociological research. The Center was found in 2001 and it is located in Volgograd, Russia. The main research territories are Volgograd region, South District and Povolzhie.

We provide...

Quantitative and qualitative market research (markets, goods, customers and competitors research).

Combined socio-economic research (research of social prob-lems, social infrastructure and employment relationship).

Socio-political research, sociological maintenance of elections.

Media planning and media audience research.

Judicial and psychological research, psychological and linguis-tic research and forensic inquiries.

Our products...

Волгоградский Омнибус

"Волгоградский Омнибус" – синдикативное мониторинговое исследование, направленное на изучение локальных рынков массовых продуктов и услуг Волгограда и области. Если Вы впервые обращаетесь к маркетинговым исследованиям или находитесь в жестких бюджетных рамках, - этот проект для Вас.

Already made reports

Some reports you can buy. These reports are made in the result of Center "ANALYST" initiative projects. Here you can find notices of selling reports and some examples that will help you to understand the content, structure and form of data you would like to buy.

Monitoring of Mass media

"Monitoring of Mass media" is a group of "ANALYST" initiative projects that are regularly hold by the Center since 2005. Several independent projects are being hold right now (monitoring of Mass media in different spheres and forms of report).

Наши люди...

Корпоративный поход Центра "АНАЛИТИК" по Бузулуку (2007 год).

Our news...
22.09.2008  |||  The section "Finished reports" has stared to work

Here you can find notices of finished reports, which were pre-pared in the issue of initiative "ANALYST" projects. Some of these reports are for sale and some of them are for free.

15.09.2008  |||  There are low incomes and high prices in Volgograd

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" printed an article based on "Analyst" findings. The article "There are low incomes and high prices in Volgograd" is about how Volgograd residents assess the living conditions in the city. You can view it in the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" website.

20.08.2008  |||  Report about the sail on the river Medvedica

12-17 of August 2008 the forth corporate trip took place. This year 16 person from 6 Russian cities took a part in this trip. For the first time we place a photoreport about the trip practically on-line.

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